Creating New Visions for Home and family

Here in St. Louis trees are budding and flowers are in bloom.  Many gardeners are already are tilling the soil, pulling up old roots and planting new seed.  Spring is a time when we can create new visions for our home and family life.  What do you want to plant in the garden of your life?    

Simplify to Care

We live in a materialistic consumer oriented culture.  Often the focus has been on money and stuff.  We believe that our things reflect our importance in the world.  The deeper truth is that who we are as persons has a much more powerful impact.  Let this spring be a time to acknowledge the gift that you are.  What are the gifts and strengths within yourself that you can now begin to express?  What purpose would you like to serve?  When you acknowledge the gifts that you have and that which gives you meaning, it is easier to let go of material items that no longer serve you.   For example on Earth Day, it was a pleasure for me to recycle because it served a deeper purpose.  I was glad to let go of the items that I no longer needed that others could use.

 Caring  Relationships

Research over the last years has shown that our relationships bring a greater sense of well being and joy than status or the accumulation of stuff. Releasing your extra stuff allows you to share your compassion and feel connected to community.  It gives a renewed sense of appreciation for others and yourself.    It helps you feel connected to a broader purpose.   Enjoy your community celebrations.   Take a moment to acknowledge your value as a person, connect with your strengths and share.  Happiness comes from connection. 

Appreciate Nature

Take time to get out and appreciate nature.  As we enjoy the sun, the air, the blooming flowers and the trees, it helps us to slow down and become more grounded.  As we appreciate nature, we are reminded that we are a part of a much larger whole.   Nature can give us a sense of awe.  It helps us to reduce stress and put things in perspective. 


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