The Heart of Home

The Heart of Home"

Come join our teleconference July 24th," The Heart of Home."   A home is more than a physical building.  It is at the heart of our relationships -- with ourselves, with others, and the environment.   As we release limiting beliefs within ourselves, it impacts how we relate our surroundings.  We develop a broader perspective and an increased capacity to act for the benefit of all.

Three of us will be sharing:  Dr. Jane Granskog, cultural anthropologist, will share on the meaning of place.  I will share on the psychology of happiness and wellbeing, and Samantha Shields, a home energy specialist, will share how to relate to your home surroundings to create positive energy.

This Teleconference will be held on Tuesday, July 24, 2012 from 9:00 -10:00 AM CDT.  Call 760-569-9000 Access code 308311.

Home ought to be a clearinghouse, the place from which we go forth lessoned and disciplined, and ready for life.  Kathleen Norris

Warm Regards,

Dr. Alice

Create Peace and Harmony - Be Kind

Today more and more people are simplifying their lives, reducing their material consumption, developing a sense of place, and investing in restoring a healthy balance with the earth.  Rather than continually consuming more stuff, people are building their relationships with family, community, and nature.  When we act considering the needs and well being of all, it becomes deeply gratifying because it serves a deeper purpose.

In a world menaced by all kinds of destructiveness, loving kindness is a necessity.  Loving-kindness, whether in deed, word, or thought is the only constructive means for promoting accord, peace, and mutual understanding. 

Loving-kindness is a source of well-being and safety.  To promote one’s own self interest is a primitive motivation of human nature.  When transformed into the desire to promote the interest and happiness of others, the basic urge of self-seeking overcome, and the mind becomes universal by identifying its own interest with the interest of all.  Doing so actually promotes one’s own well-being in the best possible manner.   Here are a three ways you can be kind.

    To Yourself – Take to time to appreciate the things you do well, to care of yourself, and rest.  Pace yourself, reduce expectations, create meaningful experiences.  It will bring you happiness and joy.
    To Others – On a daily basis, let others know what you appreciate.  It builds your relationships and good will.
    To the World –   Consider donating to charity or giving a helping hand.  Serving a purpose larger than yourself is deeply gratifying and lasting.

Psychologists estimate, on average, that more than eighty percent of your happiness comes from relationships, health, spiritual life, friends, and work fulfillment.  Only seven percent is about money.  Take time to be kind.

Your Winning Mindset

•    Do you want to create a more positive and meaningful life?
•    Are you happy with what you have attracted into your life?
•    Have you discovered that it was not what you expected?
•    Would you like to transform it into an opportunity for expansion and growth
•    Tap in to your strengths to activate your winning mindset

We all like the experience of playing on a winning team.  If we want to create change, a major key to success is knowing how to play a winning game.  The first key is to know the difference between a win-win, and win-loss mindset.  A win-win game is very different from a win-lose mindset of “winner take all.” 

From Stress to Success: Discover the Hidden Keys to Greatness

It has been said, "Greatness is born out of adversity."  Unfortunately, this is not always true.  When under pressure, emotions climb.  Adversity can bring out your courage, brilliance, and persistence.  OR, it can make you an ugly beast, get angry, or run for cover. What does it take for stress to bring out your

Achieve Success Naturally - Know Two Phases of Information Processing

We all have dreams of success.  It may be a desire to develop a successful business, have a successful relationship, or to better manage stress.  Many self-improvement programs paint a picture of success that consists of a course or workshop along large information package. Once the package is purchased and a course is given, however, the program stops.   For example, I have purchased self -mprovement books, CD's and programs, and only to end up confused by the large amount of information given.  As a consequence, it ends up as “Shelf Help” more than real help.

Your Winning Mindset - Getting Ready for Fall

Children and students are going back to school. Friends and family are returning from vacation. All are getting ready to work together again.  What kind of success would you like to achieve this fall? Will it be a success that is deeply gratifying that promotes prosperity, health and well-being?  Sign in the box on the right for a a complementary teleseminar on the critical factors for long-lasting success.  Learn how to create a winning mindset through strength-based collaborative teamwork.

Freeing Yourself From the Prisons of the Past: Mindsight

Can you free yourself from the prisons of the past?  The answer is Yes.  The more you understand yourself and make sense of your life, the more you are able to have compassion and develop healthy relationships.

Create Harmony by Focusing on Strengths

We often have an unconscious tendency to make judgments about ourselves and others. Sarah-Singer-Noire, in her High Impact Trainings, says "We are judgment making machines."  Within ourselves, it seems that we have an invisible scale from 1-10 whereby we make judgments  and unconsciously “put a number on the head of ourselves and others.”  Some people get a “1,” while others may get a “10,” or a “4.”  The only problem is that when we put a number on someone's head, they know it and so do we.   It tends to separate and divide us.  The standard by which we make these unconscious judgments often is some idealized image in our minds from childhood or the TV.  For example, we may make judgments on the basis of beauty.  Because we are not aware it, this process often is not discussed.

The New Heroes and Heroines

What challenging times!

As the old economy is fading, those who are clear about what is important are having an increasing impact. Moving forward with courage and purpose, these new heroes understand the big picture. They are aware and care.

Manifesting with The Magic of Intuition

Would you like to face your challenges with grace and ease, honor your deeper knowings, and have more money, peace, and joy? Do you know one of the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT factors in consciously creating what you want? It is your intuition. The challenge is to learn how to recognize it, trust it, and use it.

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