Case 1:

A distraught mother came in for help. Due to a new relocation law, her former spouse would not allow her to move with her children. The case was the test case for a new law in Missouri and had been written up in local and national papers. The continuing court battles created significant stress on the family.

Work on this case focused on increasing communication between the parents while holding both accountable to the best interest of the children. Once communication was established the court case was dropped and the mother was allowed to move.

Case 2:

A family wanted to find a way to honor their family legacy. Many of the siblings lived a great distance from each other. Family tele-conferences and retreats where held that allowed members to identify their deeper family values and aspirations Instead of dividing the property up for inheritance, family members decided to maintain the property for family retreats and set up a foundation fund to honor the family legacy.

"We are a lot closer since we identified our legacy and values. "Our perspective of family has really changed and we work well together."

Case 3:

A woman came in with concerns about money management. After the blueprints around an early grief were released, money management became easier.

"I came in to see Dr. Alice in the midst of a divorce where I suffered the consequences of my former spouse's mismanagement of money. I had let him handle the finances without much input on my part. Dr. Alice helped me to understand how my lack of involvement in our finances and my distancing myself from money was related to thought patterns resulting from the death of my father. Once the early hidden blueprints were cleared, my money management is much improved. I am more confident in handling it. Dr. Alice has a unique ability to put problems in a developmental context. She helps us see the big picture and to have compassion for ourselves."

Other comments:

"Before we started seeing Dr. Alice, I was depressed and overwhelmed with my six children not doing their chores. Now I can cope better, handle more, and have a much better united front with my husband in parenting our children."

"When we first came in for help, my husband and I were bickering constantly. We started to talk about our problems and she changed the focus to what we appreciated about each other. She kept on doing this at the beginning of each session. Soon we began to think differently. Two weeks later we were back in love again, and after six weeks, talking about the positive became a habit. Our bickering was gone!"

"When I first came in to see Dr. Alice, I could not talk about my situation without breaking down into tears. I had to appear in court and just Just thinking about it made me physically and emotionally upset. After using AFT to clear my early blueprints, I went into court and stand up for myself with confidence. What a difference. It feels good to feel better!"